Melbourne Helicopter Rides Great Wineries + Scenic Flights

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So, you’re thinking about booking a Melbourne Helicopter ride…. great choice!

Whether you want to take to the air to have a more extensive view of the city or to see some beautiful scenery, the team at the Melbourne Helicopter Group offer plenty of Melbourne helicopter tours for any needs and lengths.

Departing from Essendon or Moorabbin Airports all you need to know is that there are a few main kinds of Melbourne helicopter flights:

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Melbourne Helicopter Rides over the City

There are few better ways to see the sights of Melbourne than a scenic helicopter ride. These spectacular sky-high journeys give you a bird’s eye view on some of Melbourne’s most iconic landmarks and locations. From our iconic bayside beaches and Melbourne CBD to the world-famous MCG and Sporting grounds, these aerial adventures are available at refreshingly down to earth prices.

Zonzo Estate

Yarra Valley Wineries

The Yarra Valley is a spectacular 20-to-25-minute helicopter flight from Melbourne making it the perfect day trip or mini-getaway. This cool-climate region is home to numerous Yarra Valley wineries and is known for a wide range of classics such as Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, and Pinot Noir, Rose and sparkling wines

Yarra Valley spoils guests with an impressive list of wineries and cellars doors to sample, ranging from your small family-run boutique wineries to large internationally-owned wineries. 

We’ve selected 3 of the best (in our humble opinion) Yarra Valley wineries to shortlist for a great restaurant and cellar door experience. So, let’s make some room in the helicopter for a couple of bottles, fasten your seatbelts and travel in style to the valley

Your next trip to the Yarra Valley must include

  1. Helicopter Flights, lunch and spectacular wines at Zonzo Estate
  2. Helicopter Flights, lunch and great wines at Rochfords Winery
  3. Flights, lunch and great wines at Stones on the Yarra

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