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Victoria’s Best and Only Weddings with Helicopter Transport

Getting married over the last eighteen months has been challenging, if not impossible. Having to cancel due to lockdowns, reduction in venue numbers, availability of photographers, florists, celebrants and even wedding transport has been enough to bring tears to your eyes.

Covid -19 has seen Governments ack quicker in locking down the State, reducing the risk of COVID spreading and consequences.

The team at the Melbourne Helicopter Group have been on the end of the phone with countless numbers of couples in tears as wedding after wedding has been cancelled or best case an attempt to reschedule, but when is the number one question.

Resulting from countless disappointed couples we have been working with a range of vendors to make available a “micro” wedding or elopement packages that allow couples to get married in style and at an affordable cost.

Packages can be as simple or exquisite as the couple would like. From getting married at a winery, to getting married at the 12 Apostles or at the Snow can be achieved in as little as a coouple of hours.

Imagine, being picked up form home in a limousine, transported to a local airport, helipad or private parcel of land and being transported by helicopter to your ceremony. Photographers, celebrant and if required witnessed are on hand to formalise your wedding.

But How can use a Bespoke Helicopter for my Wedding Transport?

As long as you have registered your intent to marry and meet the governments requirements, We can have you at Mt Hotham in as little as 75 minutes (require a negative COVID test), the 12 Apostles in 90 minutes or at a winery in 30 minutes.

Packages vary in price but all this can be achieved for as little as $5,000 (including a 4 course meal for 4 people).

This style of wedding is proving to be popular. Providing couples with a wedding that provides everything including classic transport, beautiful photography, and a venue that many couples dream of.

Our team are waiting for your call to discuss your wedding and how we can support you