Melbourne Helicopter

About Us – Melbourne Helicopter Group

Melbourne Helicopter Group is Victoria’s newest and most notable black, luxurious, slick helicopter (s) fly guests and residents across Victoria.

Pioneered in a post COVID environment we’ve seen a substantial gap to provide tourism and bespoke tourism to our visitors local and foreign.

We operate from Essendon, Moorabbin, Melbourne, the Peninsula, and Geelong and provide a modern, safe, fast, and five-star experience door to door!

Meet the Team at The Melbourne Helicopter Group

The Team at the Melbourne Helicopter Group comprises a small unique group of people, specialising in the provision of experiences that will leave a smile beaming from ear to ear.


Ryan Baker

Director and Chief Executive Officer

Brad Dalgleish ESM

Chief Pilot
Operations Manager


The Youngest Member of the team, Do you a ball or stick? she will love be your best friend.


Keeeping Millie and the team in check she loves to work on the farm, and sleep out in the sunshine