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Scenic Flights

Scenic Flight and Helicopter Sightseeing Tours

Is there anything more exciting than flying in a helicopter? Perhaps one or two things. However, there is something about flying in a helicopter. The team at Melbourne Helicopter Group has developed a range of helicopter sightseeing experiences and scenic flights that showcase natural and manmade landmarks, Architecture, Sporting grounds, and historical artifacts. Flying around the City of Melbourne tour, Mornington Peninsula, or Around Port Phillip Bay has many sights that are only visible from the air.

Scenic Flight Features

  • Private Helicopter Experiences
  • Each person has a window seat (up to groups of 3)
  • Expert commentary
  • Helicopter flights for groups of up to 5 people per helicopter
  • Suitable for all age groups
  • Suitable for people with disabilities (must be able to hold own body strength)
  • Flight durations vary depending on flight type
  • Helicopters are cleansed as per COVID Safety Plan
Melbourne helicopter, scenic flights, helicopter rides
Scenic Flights, helicopter sightseeing tours, helicopter rides, melbourne helicopter, Melbourne,