Wedding Transport

Your wedding day should be the happiest of your life. With spectacular wedding transport by helicopter is a magnificent way to step your arrival or departure up a notch. 

Whether you’re hosting an event for 5 or 500, The Melbourne Helicopter Group is here to assist with your wedding planning and vehicle transport. 

Impress your guests by arriving in a luxurious private helicopter, for you, your spouse-to-be, wedding party, or family. 

Helicopters provide your wedding party the ‘wow factor that many people are after, they are renowned for class and comfort. So you can enjoy your day for the phenomenal milestone event. 

Unlike many other modes of wedding transport, helicopters are punctual and not impacted by unpredictable events like traffic. Not only are they a safe way to travel, but they also ooze sophistication, making your wedding day like no other.

Tailored Bespoke Wedding Transport

Our brides and groom have the option to tailor the helicopter flight to suit their own wedding transport preferences. 

Most importantly, our charters provide you with a breathtaking arrival at the church or alter or open space such as an open paddock where wedding guests can look on in awe. 

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Arriving at the airport, you get out of your chauffeured car. In the near distance, you see a glistening helicopter. The excitement quickly builds as you are warmly welcomed and ushered to the helicopter.

Just before you board the helicopter you begin by opening a bottle of champagne, water, or beverage of your choice, closely followed by the capturing of stunning photo’s at the airport by ours or your photographer that can be added to your wedding album for looking back on in years to come.

Climbing on board, the awe of the helicopter experience in addition to the emotion of your pending nuptials quickly turns to exhilaration as you put on a headset. Along with the chat between the pilot and the air traffic controller, you immediately look across to your wedding party. The smiles reach from ear to ear as you all feel the exhilaration as you lift off the ground.

Intensifying the anticipation, your pilot will circle the venue giving you a birds-eye view of the alter before landing in front of your family and guests. 

It’s at that moment you’ll remember why you opted for a helicopter charter for your Wedding!

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