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Aerial Photography

When it comes to aerial photography, background props (flying and static), aerial videography, aerial photography, or cinematography camera platforms there is no substitute for helicopters. Whether you are looking for a prop or a platform to film the team at the Melbourne Helicopter Group has you covered :

Aerial Photography,

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  • Background props
  • Cinematography platform
  • Aerial videography
  • Aerial photography

Background Props

Looking for the perfect prop for your film, tv show, or advert? Helicopters have a significant amount of presence when it comes to visual aids. Looking for something particular? Talk to us about your needs. If we don’t have it we may be able to source it for you.

Cinematography Platform

Helicopters provide a great resource for shooting from, they are stable, quick, safe, have great duration, and are perfect for traveling vast distances efficiently.

Aerial Videography

Shooting a video in a remote location? Perhaps it’s part of a real estate package, wildlife, or a particular piece of architecture? Helicopters are a quick and efficient platform to shoot videos from.

You may be thinking that a drone can capture what I need, this may be the case but drones have a lot of limitations. Height, duration, quality of imagery, wind speed, and other environmental considerations can restrict the use of drones, Helicopters are not so restrictive.

Aerial Photography

Capturing the best still images for print media particularly for real estate with high-quality results can be best achieved with a helicopter. A doors-off approach to shooting stills provides obstructive free images.

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