Helicopter Gender Reveals

Baby Gender Reveal Celebrations are exciting and increasingly popular among families who want to reveal the gender of their baby before birth. This style of gender reveal party are creating much more enjoyment surrounding the anticipation of having a baby than ever before.

People are looking for different exciting and creative ways to reveal and celebrate the gender of their baby. Helicopters provide a unique gender reveal that is out of the box, creating a sense of excitement for every gender reveal celebration.

How do Helicopter Gender Reveals Work

When you make contact with our team we want to discuss your baby gender reveal ideas and how we can best accommodate them. Some key questions that we may have are.

  • Your planned location of your gender reveal party. This will give us an idea of what permits may be required, who to talk to, and if the location is suitable for a helicopter.
  • Date and time of your gender reveal party. Helping us plan helicopter movements, weather patterns that may be relevant during that time of the year, and any perceived weather issues that we may encounter.
  • Any baby gender reveal ideas that you may have. Again this will help us plan and give you the best reveal that we possibly can.

What do I need to do

When it comes to your gender reveal celebration we will organise all the required helicopter permits and powder. All you need to organise the party of the ground.

What do helicopter Gender Reveals cost

Each and every gender reveal is unique and is customised to meet your needs. The cost of the helicopter will vary and is subject to:

  • Time in the air
  • How much powder you require, Twins, triplets etc… require more powder and staff to release the powder
  • What other extras you would like

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