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Airshows are the best and potentially only way of seeing historical and current military aircraft up close and personal. The only drawback is getting to and from the Avalon airshow. You may have heard or witnessed firsthand the traffic chaos, the countless hours on the road in queues to get in. Take your private Helicopter to miss the traffic.

Skip the traffic, and arrive in only a fraction of the time that it takes via road. Don’t worry about parking or the long walks when you fly in by helicopter. Everything to do with getting in and getting home is quicker.

Your once-in-a-lifetime event will bring together the largest variety of RAAF aircraft ever assembled at Avalon, including historical and modern aircraft spanning and celebrating 100 Years of the Royal Australian Air Force.

You will witness a cavalcade of civil aircraft including historic barnstormers, breath-taking acrobatics, and the latest jet power from around the globe.

Experience the awesome power of military aviation…

Fly in with the team bay private helicopter with The Melbourne Helicopter Group where you get to view more than just the aircraft on show. See parts of the countryside, the airport, and displays not seen on the ground.

Your private helicopter flight departs for the Avalon Airshow from either Batman Park (Melbourne City), Melbourne, Melbourne City, Moorabbin, Lethbridge, or Essendon Fields Airports. Contact us to reserve your flight today.

Avalon Airshow Fly in / Fly out Packages – per Booking

One Way Flights (in or out)

Departure LocationGuests up to 3Guests up to 4Up to 6 guests
Essendon Airport$2,000$2,200$2,500
Moorabbin Airport$2,400$2,600$3,000
Melbourne City HelipadPOA
Lethbridge Airport POA
Melbourne AirportPOA
My Own LocationPOA
Flights are subject to weather conditions and weight loadings

Flights to and from Avalon (Return Transfers)

Departure LocationGuests up to 3Guests up to 4Up to 6 Guests
Essendon Airport$3,600$3,800$4,100
Moorabbin Airport$3,800$4,000$4,400
Melbourne City HelipadPOA
Melbourne AirportPOA
Lethbridge AirportPOA
Flights are subject to Weather conditions and weight constraints

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