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Helicopter Gender Reveals – Book Yours Now!

Based in Melbourne the Melbourne Helicopter Group provides aw-inspiring gender reveals. Looking for that WOW factor in revealing the gender of the pending addition to your family? The Team at the Melbourne Helicopter Group will plan out a flight route and drop zone for your big day.

Capturing your reveal on film couldn’t be easier, our Pilots will orbit the drop zone prior to dropping the powder given you plenty of notice to start filming. When ready, the two-man crew will position the helicopter into the perfect field of view and release nearly 5 kg of Blue or Pink powder creating a dazzling streak across the sky to announce the gender of your new arrival!

No colors are visible until the powder is released, making certain for a complete surprise.  

What do helicopter gender reveals consist of?

Your helicopter gender reveal consists of overflying the area (wineries, large blocks of land,. etc) you choose, one the best reveal ideas with us pouring out the colour powder (pink or blue) to announce your baby’s gender. This powder creates a nice plume of smoke effect.

Looking for one of the best reveal Ideas ? What better way to make an exciting day more exciting; use a helicopter!

Need a Location?

Melbourne Helicopter Group can offer you a couple of perfect locations just to the West of Melbourne, proving you the very best Gender Reveal Packages!

Book your Gender Reveal Today

Call 1300 860 572 and speak with a member of the team today or email for more info or to book on the most important reveals of your life!