Santa Arrives by Helicopter

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Did you happen to see Santa this year? Santa took time out his busy schedule to visit students in many Melbourne Primary Schools. Closing the end of the 2022 school year Santa was pleasantly surprised by the screams of illation and smiles from students and teachers alike.

Helicopters are the only way to travel

Santa, has told the Melbourne Helicopter Group Team ” Another year of unknowns has limited my available time to carry out my normal Christmas obligations. Historically I have had 6 + weeks to visit schools, shopping centres, work, and community group Christmas parties. This year I have had less than three weeks. Using a helicopter by the Melbourne Helicopter Group has reduced my travel times by hours increasing my productivity. The added bonus is I love flying, helicopters and seeing the beautiful smiles on children’s faces. It also gives me a chance to sing some of my favourite carols. People also love helicopters, they are a unique form of transportation, They are quick, safe, and can land in a small space bring me right into the middle of a school or function”.

Melbourne Helicopter Group asks Santa some questions

Melbourne Helicopter Group (MHG)

Question: Santa, why do you choose to fly by Helicopter?

Answer – Santa: Is there any other way to travel? Helicopters are quick, time efficient, safe and can can land in spaces where other forms of transport Can’t. Don’t get me wrong I love to travel in Fire Trucks, with the SES, or the Police. But a helicopter is the grand entrance.

MHG – Question: What do you do when visit schools or Christmas Parties?

Answer – Santa: Well, I try to speak with every child and family that I can. It extremely difficult sometimes because we have so many people in the one place. Photos and selfies, I love them. Getting photos taken is one of my favourite pass times. At schools I get class photos, I sing some of favourite carols, and really get the Christmas spirit pumping. I love to hear some of the great things people have been up to and how brothers and sisters have helped their parents.

MHG – Question: Santa, this one is a hot topic. COVID safety, how do you remain COVID Safe?

Answer – Santa: It is a challenge, every Country, every State that I visit has different rules. I really rely a lot on my friends at the Melbourne Helicopter Group to help with COVID Safety. I should mention that I am vaccinated, I am also scheduled for my booster early in the new year. After each year I wash my hands. I check in at each location, and most importantly If I have any symptoms I isolate and get tested straight away.

How do I book a Santa Visit or get a quote?

Booking a Santa Visit or getting a price is simple. The team at Melbourne Helicopter Group would love to discuss a Santa visit. They are available on 1300 860 572.

All we need to know is, date, preferred time and location. We will ask for permission to land, contact details and any particulars you would like Santa to do. Now is the time to think about next year. Santa does book out quickly.

Melbourne Helicopter Group will provide you with

  • Copy of our Public Liability Insurance ($20 million)
  • Copy of Santa’s Working with Children Check
  • Risk Assessment
  • Copy of a Fly Neighbourly agreement

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